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On Sunday the Bucks Motorbike Lodge with the Bucks Classic Car Lodge members undertook their Mad Dash, visiting all the Masonic Centre’s in Bucks in 8 hours.

The event which was arranged by W Bro Gary Brodie and W Bro Dan Cunningham from the Bike Lodge had many members dressed up in their finest leathers for the day to ride their motorbikes for a full 8 hours in up to 30 degree heat. One of them was our own PGM John Clark who ensured that he continues to not ask people to do things that he would not do himself.

The event started in Olney at 7.00am and apart from the short stops at each centre, with the obligatory photograph to prove they were there and the breakfast stop at the Bell at Winslow, it was 8 hours on the move. There were many bikes and cars flying the flag for masonry, the members, many accompanied by their wives and families, not only had a great deal of fun on the day but were working hard to raise funds for the Bucks 2021 Festival.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored our PGM on his everyday hero page, it is still not too late to sponsor. Please visit

Many thanks must go to all those heroes who took on this challenge, all of whom now wear the Festival Challenge pin with pride. The money raised by this event will help us as a Province and Bucks Freemasons help those in need across Buckinghamshire.

The £10,000 raised is the amount which has taken Buckinghamshire over its first £1m for the Festival. A great achievement only made possible by a great event.

Please use this event and its success to spur you on to do something in your Lodge. Hold an event, raise some money and have some fun whilst helping others.

Intro Image Photo: Gary Brodie and Dan Cunningham handing over a cheque for £10,000 to Graham Dearing, Phil Blacklaw and Tony Robinson

Article Image Photo:  John Clark and his son Jack getting a much need sit down for a few minutes at one of the centre stops

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