Bucks Masonic Charity Clay 2nd Summer 2018 Shoot

The Bucks Masonic Clay Pigeon Shooting Association held it’s second Summer shoot of 2018 at Common Leys shooting ground at Waterperry Common, Oxfordshire in early September.

The participants were joined by Tony Robinson, APGM who managed an impressive 50% on target under the instruction of Roger Gills.

Tony later presented the trophies after enjoying a meal with those present.

The trophy winners were:

High Gun (Guest) Michael Blackwell with a score of 85

Runner - up (Guest) Barry Newall with a score of 78

B.M.C.P.S.A High Gun Dave Hollis with a score of 76

Runner – up Phil McDonald with a score of 75

Ladies High Gun was Charlotte Holmes with a score of 70

Runner – up was Anthea Mearns with a score of 61

The proceeds from the shoot will be added to funds raised at the Christmas Shoot and then presented to Macmillan Cancer Support.