John Waller Skydive supports 2021 Festival

John Waller’s Skydive in aid of the 2021 Festival, was originally scheduled for 04 May but finally went ahead on 19 May under mainly sunny skies.

john waller 3

What a fantastic day. A 13,000 feet Skydive supported by my family who stayed with their feet firmly on the ground.
You sit at the door of the plane the instructor pushes you out, then it's a plummet from 0 to 120 miles an hour in seconds.
It was a lovely day and what a view. 
Once the chute was deployed we headed for a cloud that had a hook-shaped hole that we drift through.
Then it was a lovely gentle float to the ground and an easy landing.
It was a wonderful experience in aid of a good cause.

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John Waller (Bucks Provincial Communications Officer)