Charity Steward's Update April 2020

I do hope that you and all those nearest and dearest to you are OK and keeping well.

I have just shared a number of posts highlighting some of the grants that the MCF are making to charities who are facing a real increase n the call for their services whilst at the same time experiencing a reduction in fundraising opportunities.

The MCF can only do this through the support of Freemasons in every Province and we thank you for that support and all that you as Lodge Charity Stewards are doing to encourage your members to continue donating during this time.

Don't forget though that there may be members who need support and we must do all we can to ensure that they make contact with the MCF to find out about the help that is available to them.

Please stay safe and keep well.

mcf ocd grant

mcf samaritans grant

mcf mind grant