Londridge Climbing Wall BMCF Donation

Buckinghamshire Freemasons have continued to work with The Heart of Bucks foundation to fund various schemes.

Recently the Province donated £3,565 to purchase climbing wall equipment for Longridge-on-the-Thames Adventure Learning Charity.

The funding was received from the Masonic Grass Roots Fund administered by Heart of Bucks.

We received a letter of thanks from the charity;

“With the funding we received, we have been able to purchase climbing equipment for use with our state of the art 13 metre, two-sided climbing wall. We needed to replace equipment which was no longer fit for use. Various items such as harnesses, helmets, karabiners, ropes and belay devices have been purchased and are now being used by all of our customers participating in climbing activities.

Longridge works closely with lots of other charities to ensure that we are reaching out to vulnerable groups of people. Our facilities and activities are particularly popular with those that have behavioural problems and learning difficulties. One of our programmes provides respite for siblings of terminally ill children. Working alongside child services also enables those in care, those out of work, young carers and other vulnerable groups to easily approach us. It is great to see children and adults with special needs and educational needs enjoying themselves with their friends.”