Laptops for Rennie Grove Hospice

At the February meeting of BMCF (Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund) the board voted to donate £1,850 to buy 2 laptops for the Rennie Grove Hospice. 

The laptops are to support 2 Hospice at home nurses for patients living in Buckinghamshire.

Clare Joyce from the charity said “The introduction of the laptops has produced a positive change in our nurses’ working practices resulting in a more effective and efficient service. Nurses are able to remotely access patient clinical and medication records and have access to email and other online services both with a patient and in multi-disciplinary clinical meetings. This has resulted in a more systematic, detailed approach to care and prescribing. Patient notes could also be recorded comprehensively and accurately in “real-time” rather than some length of time after the patient visit. The laptops bought with your grant were further specified with an integrated smartcard reader which additionally allows secure, remote access to the NHS network providing an even more comprehensive view of the records made by other healthcare professionals.

We are enormously grateful for the generous support that we have received from the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund which has enabled us to purchase laptops for our nurses - Catherine and Emma. With our heartfelt thanks for your support they shall continue to deliver the high quality Hospice at Home service we strive to achieve. On behalf of Rennie Grove thank-you again for supporting us and in turn patients and the families living in Buckinghamshire with life-limiting illnesses”.

Clare E Joyce, Trusts Fundraiser