Pies and Easter Eggs for families at Aylesbury Womens Refuge

The (MCF) Masonic Charitable Foundation and the (BMBF) Bucks Masonic Benevolent Fund come to the rescue again, this time for the unfortunate Women that have had to isolate with their children in the Aylesbury Womens Refuge.


Does anybody recognise the Pie Makers in the photos? They could be Pepsi and Shirley from Bananarama, the pop group from the Eighties who are now working as the in house Caterers from the Aylesbury Masonic Centre.

One of their greatest hits was, “It ain’t what you do” they have now turned it around 360 degrees into, “It is what you do” when they make pies and other food for the vulnerable and needy as required.

Today it was 25 pies and Easter Eggs for the unfortunate Women and their Children at the Aylesbury Womens Refuge, as stated above this is funded by the (MCF) as well as the (BMBF) , W Bro Phil Blacklaw APGM from Bucks Province has taken the lead, he is a very much a “one size fits all” kind of guy as he doesn’t turn anybody down.

Good News Stories Compliments of the Brethren from our Great Fraternity of Buckinghamshire.

Keep Safe, Keep Well, Stay Home