Bucks Masons donate specialist Exercise Bike to the Chilterns MS Centre

The Chilterns MS Centre has been providing advice and care to people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families for over 30 years.

The charity's main goal is to help people gain greater control over their MS so that they continue to lead happy and healthy lives.

MS is endlessly variable, totally unpredictable and can lead to severe disability. The Centre in Wendover provides comprehensive and holistic care such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture and massage to over 330 people each week.

The Centre recently identified the need for a specialist wheelchair-adapted exercise bike for use by the many local people with MS who need physiotherapy. This type of specialist bike costs more than £2,500 and needs a physiotherapist to supervise the people using it. Grenville Lodge, 1787, which meets in Buckingham, donated £2,500 towards the overall costs of the bike and Andrew Hough, secretary of the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund (BMCF), was approached to see if it could help with extra funding.

At their recent meeting, the BMCF committee was delighted to authorise an extra donation to match the one made by Grenville Lodge, and in fact covered the full cost of purchasing the bike, so that the Grenville donation could be utilised for the costs of running and maintaining the bike.

Steve Smirthwaite, from Haddenham Lodge, 8944, a member of the BMCF committee visited the MS Centre on 13th December to see the new equipment in use. He was greeted by Chief Executive Robert Breakwell, Chris Beach, Head of Physiotherapy and Peter Cella, who receives weekly treatment at the Centre and had volunteered to show the new bike in operation.

Robert said: "We are extremely grateful to both Grenville Lodge and the BMCF for their very generous donations. The new exercise bike will be in use several hours each day by people who are more severely affected by MS, to help keep up their strength and mobility."

Steve added: "It was wonderful to see the use to which this donation will be put and the great work that is carried out at the MS Centre every day."

The Chilterns MS Centre is at: http://www.chilternsmscentre.org

Picture shows Steve Smirthwaite on the left and Robert Breakwell on the right with Peter Cella on the bike.