Nelson Cork Lodge donation to Bucks MTSFC

Buckinghamshire Freemasons have run the MTSFC local chapter now into its 11th year. The group has hosted more than 1,100 special needs children since its inception across Buckinghamshire.

The MTSFC in our province is supported by many lodges and benefactors, sometimes in cash contributions and other instances with that of materials necessary to run the days out. A member of the Nelson Cork Lodge, which meets at Beaconsfield approached the officers of the Bucks MTSFC wanting to contribute to the work of the group knowing the work the team producing these days out do, and to thank the Bucks MTSFC team for supporting friends and family.

A kind offer of "what could we as Nelson Cork contribute to help the Bucks MTSFC was made" to the team. After review, a new BBQ to feed hungry casters and children was suggested. Members of Nelson Cork then worked to secure a new BBQ which had its first test on the 28th of April, to many thanks from our cooks, casters and children.

The Bucks MTSFC officers thank all members of Nelson Cork for their generous donation. To learn more about the Buckinghamshire MTSFC work, please click here

Picture: The officers of the Bucks MTSFC presenting a thank you certificate to Dave Pitwell, a distinguished member of the Nelson Cork lodge.