Stubby's Legacy

Our Brother Trevor Stubbings,PAGDC, passed to the Grand Lodge above on 3rd October 2018 but his memory lives on through donations made in his memory in support of his favourite charities,

namely The Puzzle Centre supporting children with severe Autism and The Wolf Hirchhorn Syndrome Trust supporting children born with Chromosome deficiencies. Trevor’s wife Janice and eldest daughter Anita recently visited the Puzzle Centre to make a donation of £1631 and a local family living in Maids Moreton, Buckingham whose eight year old son Tommy Fleming has Wolf Hirchhorn Syndrome. This charity has also received £1366 from donations made in Trevor’s memory. WBro Trevor Stubbings PAGDC


Tommy Fleming

Daughter Anita, who, in the past, has also run the London marathon in support of these charities, will continue to raise money for them in her father’s memory starting with an abseil down the Otis elevator lift tower in Northampton.