Kimble Lodges support Air Cadets

Cymbeline and Entente Cordiale Lodges have supported the Air Cadets at RAF Halton with a Freemasonry in the Community donation for Air Experience Flights (AEF).

The Air Cadets have been very unfortunate over recent times with lack of availabile aircraft. On the initiative of Gp Capt Mark Manwaring, Halton Aeroplane Club has stepped in to help by providing aircraft and volunteers. This enabled Cadets, who for some had never been airborne, to experience a short flight from RAF Halton around the Aylesbury area.

The RAF Halton Station Commander managed to allocate some commercially raised funds, and along with the donations from Cymbeline and Entente Cordiale Lodges based at Kimble, enough was raised to enable 160 cadets to gain this memorable experience.

The RAF Halton Station news article can be seen here: