Festival Focus February 2017

Welcome to 2nd edition of the Festival Focus, I am sure everyone is aware that the 2021 Festival was launched by the RW Provincial Grand Master Gordon Robertson at the Provincial Meeting.

A cheque for £200,000 was handed over by our PGM to the President of the Masonic Charitable Foundation VW Bro Richard Hone QC to help kick start the Festival. It was great start to the Festival and something we should all be very proud of.

The Festival is officially 3 months old and it is very encouraging to know that whatever Lodge any member of the Executive or Visiting Provincial Officers go to the Festival is being spoken about. Charity Stewards are encouraging members in their reports to start regular donations using gift aid. Propositions are being made and carried to donate monies from Lodge relief Chests to the Festival and gift aid envelopes are being used to collect alms to assist in raising extra funds. Brethren I cannot tell you how good it is to know that we as a Province are so fully supportive of the Festival. The Festival does not finish until October 2021 so we have a long was to go. However as long as we make it fun and enjoyable and understand why we are raising the money and how it it is being applied we will succeed.

We are starting to get the first full sets of reports from our Buckinghamshire Festival Relief Chest and I pleased to announce that at the moment over 80% of all Bucks Lodges have either donated or have brethren pledging regular donations. This does mean that there are 20% who have not yet started, but we are aware of some Lodges who are using their own relief chests and then will transfer to the Festival when the time is right for them. In short I know every Lodge is doing something which is great.

To every Lodge and every Brother who has donated or in the process of doing so “THANK YOU”

It is always understood that there are times in life when circumstances might preclude you from donating; family and personal needs must come first.  “Without detriment to ourselves or connections”  

You can support here are some good reasons to do so:-

Masonic Charitable Foundation Facts for last year 

4739 Masonic Families were helped

£14,212,584 was spent helping those families

£4,853,036 was spent supporting non Masonic Charities

In the last 5 years Buckinghamshire Freemasons and Charities has received grants and donations totalling £1,178,665, averaging out at £235,733. So whatever we give in Buckinghamshire will come back to help Bucks Masons and their families in time of need and supporting Buckinghamshire based Charities.



There are several ways to donate to the Buckinghamshire Festival 2021 (Relief Chest Number E2021) 

  1. online at  www.MCF.org.uk/festivals/buckinghamshire2021
  2. by telephone 020 7395 9313
  3. by Text
  4. One off donation
  5. regular donation by covenant ( also known as a direct debit mandate)
  6. Credit or debit card payments.

You can log on to the website www.MCF.org.uk/festivals/buckinghamshire2021 and pledge a regular sum or single donation. All are easy to fill in and only take minutes to fill in.

Our Festival Website can be accessed via our own Provincial website www.buckspgl.org or a direct link being www.bucks2021.org

Brethren if you have events coming up in aid of the Festival please let me know and I will be happy to get them on the Festival website and if appropriate circulated. I will attempt to attend as many events as I can. You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To conclude this 2nd edition of the Festival focus I would just to thank once again every Lodge and every Brother for donating to this wonderful Charity which does so much to help others. If you want know more about the MCF what your donations pay for please visit. www.MCF.org.uk 

W Bro Graham Dearing APGM