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Assistant Grand Master Visits Marlow Lodge

The Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro Sir David Hugh Wootton, President of the Universities Scheme of the United Grand Lodge of England graced a regular meeting of the Marlow Lodge no. 2752 on 14th February 2018.

He was escorted by W Bro Alan Baverstock, Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Also in attendance were W Bro Julian Soper, Deputy Chairman Universities Scheme, and W Bro Nigel Scott-Moncreiff, Vice Chairman, Universities Scheme.

The Provincial Executive team, led by RW Bro John Clark, the Provincial Grand Master, on his first official visit, accompanied by W Bro Hugh Douglas-Smith, the deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W Bros Graham Dearing, Philip Blacklaw and Tony Robinson all escorted by W Bro Gary Brodie, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and the Provincial secretary W Bro Barry Sparks and assistant secretary W Bro Derrick Ardron as well as the deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro James Blackhurst, W Bro Eugene Matthias, Provincial Grand Mentor, W Bro Mike Clancy, Provincial Grand Charity Steward and W Bro Patrick Miller, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

All the distinguished guests, as well as members of the lodge, then witnessed a second degree ceremony. The candidate Bro Marco Davi was then congratulated by the Assistant Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Master.

The brethren then retired to the dining room where an excellent festive board was enjoyed by all.

This truly was a historic and memorable occasion for all present, as it is not common for one of the rulers of our organisation to attend a normal working meeting. This certainly was the first time in the 120 years history of Marlow Lodge that this has happened and it will be a lasting memory to all those present.

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